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Handcrafted beer brewed in the heart of Adelaide's CBD

Whether you’re here to fall in love or enjoy one of our handcrafted beers; know that we use only the finest ingredients, and our beers are all natural with no added sugar. Preservative, chemical and additive free, as well as being unfiltered too. Slow and smooth. We think that’s a big deal, and worthy of falling in love. Seasonal and small batch brews are also available, and changing regularly.

Independent and proud to be a part of our community.

Lady Burra drinks

Lady Burra Pilsner

German malt with Tettnang, Perle and Saaz hops. Cool temperature ferment with gentle maturation. Refreshing, with a crisp and smooth finish. 4.7 ABV

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Irish Red Ale bottle and glass

Lady BurraIrish Red Ale

Copper red with a cream coloured head. Smooth ale with a low candy like caramel malt profile and just enough hops for balance. 4.9 ABV

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Lady Burra drinks

Lady Burra India Pale Ale

Light orange amber in colour and hopped with an array of flavorsome American variety hops. This beer delivers pine, spice, tropical fruit and apricot notes. Right here, right now. Brewery fresh IPA is the best!. 6.3 ABV.

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Lady Burra drinks

Lady Burra Pale Ale

Light amber in colour with a tightly packed white head. Biscuit and caramel flavours, backed with Mosaic hops throughout, which provide a hearty front and juicy floral end note. Moderate bitterness and carbonation make for a flavoursome ale. 5.2 ABV, 43 IBU.